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Classical music gets grimey

1Xtra and Radio 3 are poised to start work on a 70-minute musical suite of grime, hip hop and classical music.

Urban Classic, which goes out on 1Xtra and Radio 3 next year, brings together grime producer DaVinChe, jazz musician Jason Yarde and classical conductor Charles Hazlewood, who will lead the BBC concert orchestra (CO) alongside well-known artists from the UK’s grime scene.

The music will be performed live for an audience on February 16 at the Hackney Empire and will feature London MCs Bruza, Tor, Pase, Purple and beatboxer Faith SFX, alongside the concert orchestra, with dj sets from 1Xtra's Semtex and Cameo.

The collective of artists will meet for the first time next week and will hold workshops throughout January and February to refine the musical score and performance. In the process, DaVinChe and Jason Yarde, both classically-trained, will compose and arrange the piece of music for the BBC CO to perform.

1Xtra’s programmes editor Willber Willberforce said the project would push the UK's emerging grime scene forward. ‘It will be a first for our listeners. Each organisation and individual will bring together their unique talents and knowledge to create something very special.’

Radio 3 controller Roger Wright added that the partnership would help ‘break down the barrier between styles of music’.

Highlights from the event will go out simultaneously on 1Xtra Live and Radio 3's Mixing It of February 18.
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